The Health World Organization as identified six domains to quantify life quality: physical health; psychological health; level of independence; social relations; environment; spirituality/religion/personal believes.

Self-image and appearance are part of the psychological dimension. Scientific studies reveal that self-image starts to be a women concern at young ages. Around 12 years old, young women start to feel anxiety about their feminine development. For young women, social acceptation, social position, and love are related with their physical appearance, and breast size is one of the most feminine characteristic pointed by teenagers. The impact of the body transformation is followed by a new perspective of adaptation and reorganization of their one identities. The pressure imposed by social media and beauty standards increase the anxiety and the need of knowing the body transformation result. For women with smaller breasts this anxiety follow up all entire adolescence. Along this way anxiety can turn into depression and when self-image do not correspond the idealized image, facing each day routines could transform in truly painful actions.

Teaching how to change self-image and improving women self-esteem, to mitigate the consequences of depression is one of the goals of BOOST YOUR BUST book.

This book is a direct response to the needs of women with self-image problems, related with breast size, shape or affected by breast diseases. As we said before self-image is a psychological domain of health and life quality, and so depression related with self-image deviation is not specific of teenagers but a common problem of women with other causes for this deviation, like breast diseases, mammoplasty, unshaped breasts and problems related with breast surgery consequences.

This book is oriented to women that look for a natural response to their problems. This is not a book for women that are afraid of breast surgery risks, but a book to conscientious and informed women that are not wheeling to take those risks for themselves and their families.

The book is divided in seven chapters, prepared to give a response in several domains for achieving the life-quality standards.

CHAPTER 1: DonĀ“t waist more time asking why your breast is small, unshaped or why you deserve that disease. The content of this chapter explain why we are all different. It talks about breast tissues constitution and some of the chemical and physical known mechanisms that interfere with breast grow. This is a chapter dedicated to explain different women nature, genetics and habits that can influence breast grow.

CHAPTER 2: So this is the chapter of the book dedicated to explain the similarity between some natural active elements and our hormones, and how they trick your body and give you a better look.

CHAPTER 3: All about simple methods to get better breast look. This chapter is not dedicated to increasing breast but only to teach you some methods to apply until you reach the goal you want. There is an introduction to some breast exercises that must be a part of your routine for breast enhancement.

CHAPTER 4: You must learn in detail how to apply herbs and plants in your breast to achieve results. The method is all described and was tested by writer owns experience. After an intensive research she find out five ancient books and several methods describing the application of herbs and plants to improve breast size.

CHAPTER 5: Built your own routine for breast increase based on the routine recommended by the book. Include every domains (physical health; psychological health; level of independence; social relations; environment; spirituality/religion/personal believes) in your routine to accomplish a better life quality.

CHAPTER 6: Most common market products to achieve results of breast enhancement are creams and pills. Learn what the advantages of the methods are, how they work with your body and how to choose quality products.

CHAPTER 7: Learn how to make your results permanent using simple methods like a few changes in your diet. Do you know what the quality of your meals can do for you? Read this chapter and learn some tasty, healthy food that help you maintain your results.